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Sponge Bob

April 29, 2010

I’ve been brainstorming about possible compositions and content for the work. I lived in a pub for many years, so it seems a good idea to start here. Generally, pubs are a big part of society and the social and drink culture has good and bad aspects.

It got me thinking about all the characters who drank in there most nights. there was one man, called Sponge Bob – his face looked like a barnacle; pores like canals. Whatever time of day it was – he was pissed. He held down a full time job and got done for drink driving 4 times! 3 times whilst being banned and managed to avoid time – great legal system.

Anyway, he had the most interesting face. He only ever drank alcohol. Quizzing him; he actually couldn’t remember the last time he drank water or even a soft drink. He said eating was for girls and claimed he only ate on a weekend – chips maybe. Your face can tell tales on you, I love painting exaggerated features, deep lines with translucent skin and it got me thinking about other textures. Imagine a completion with crevasses as deep as this cabbage skin….




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