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Week 1: Day 6: Artist of the week. Jon Burgerman… He da Man!

July 6, 2011

Well, I’m not a critic. But I know what I like and I like Jon Burgerman , not only because he’s got a cool name that sounds like a fat superhero but because he’s the type of artist that I aspire to be.  The type of art that he produces enables him to create where ever he which in turn allows him to travel and take his work outside the normal art world realms, on phone boxes, bus stops, on the inter web, in his sketch pad and on dolls… What’s that?? Nope he’s not a vandal; he has produced work for the V & A!  

His work is fun, accessible and makes me smile. He has bags of imagination and combined with the quality of the work; it’s a recipe for bright bold contemporary designs that everybody can relate to. His work is multi-lingual, transcending cultural boundaries.

I look at his doodles almost every day. His portfolio is prolific and sometimes I wonder what’s going on in his head; drawing endless lines that eventually make up a crazy sea of weird faces and characters.  It’s obviously something happy going on up there – and it’s spreading…

Check, ch ch check. Check a check him out: –


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