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The Liver Building celebrates its centenary

August 9, 2011

Liverpool certainly knows how to throw a party. I went along for the joint celebration as old granddaddy Liver Building turned 100 and the latest addition to the waterfront, The Liverpool Museum opened its doors to the public.

Amongst the throng of people were illuminated characters; glowing from within like ghosts of Liverpool’s past. They became more prominent as dusk turned to night. Coloured pyramids, lustrous against a contrasting skyline created an ambient hue and tropical fish and marine vessels lit up the water ways.

Reflections on the Water Front was created by the Liverpool Lantern Company For more details:

Connie Lush got the crowds going. With her voice as husky as a 60-a-day habit, the performance was awesome. She ended the night with a brilliant rendition of Feeling Good which summed up the atmosphere. The place was buzzing, with people dancing, having a good time and eagerly awaiting the finale; a visual spectacular from Macula.

The The 3D Macula Spectacular

The waterfront will come alive with a stunning visual feast of 3D architectural digital projections. A UK premier of world renowned Czech Republic Company the Macula will create a new Waterfront dimension, changing the perception of seemingly ordinary objects while shattering the viewer’s perception and perspective. Everything will become an illusion. Audiences will watch in amazement as the buildings tell the story of Liverpool using cutting edge digital projection. The effect promises to be a once in a lifetime moment for the city.

As promised, it was amazing. The anticipation was great as the crowds went silent and the number 100 was projected onto the Liver Building. Voices of the city were played out as the countdown began. The music and sound effects became more dramatic as the building started to crumble. What followed was a the history of the city through the middle ages, industrial revolution, WW2 to the present day… oh and of course it featured the Beatles.

The attention was shifted to the new Liverpool Museum as digital abstractions were projected onto the protruding angular face. Old meets new.

This was an exciting, inspiring and incredible event and a brilliant way to celebrate an iconic piece of Liverpool’s history as well as moving forward and developing and investing in its future.

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For more details about the new Liverpool museum:

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